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We are Kim Tattrie and Tree Cleland and we have co-chaired the Seycove Auction supporting the family of schools for the last 3 years. We are excited to be back for our fourth year, oddly  it feels like last year was 3 years ago.. Oh right,  it was.

This year we have some big fundraising goals but most importantly we are thrilled to have an in-person community event. We are celebrating 'Dancing in the Rain' on April 29, 2023--hope to see you there. 

Seycove Auction Story

The Seycove Auction has history. We are in the 39th year (it would be the 42 if Covid had not impacted community gatherings); however we are back and ready to celebrate community spirit, togetherness and the opportunity to work together to fundraise for our schools. 


The Seycove Auction supporting the Family of Schools; Sherwood, Dorothy Lynas, Cove Cliff and Seycove  is built by our community commitment to work together to support each other. From our amazing year-after-year sponsors to the return of leaders who wrangle volunteers, convince everyday moms, dads, teachers and students to give a little extra and help put together this event. 

The Auction isn't just raising money, it is about spirit, friendship, accomplishment and support. This year we have some catching up to do.


Join us on April 29 for a fun filled evening, themed  "Dancing in the Rain." If you would like to sponsor the event or volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities.


If you have questions, we certainly
have answers. Let's connect.


Sponsorship Coordinator

Acquisitions Coordinator



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