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You are a guaranteed winner every turn when you play the CUT LOOSE raffle.

The gift card raffle was HUGE success lat year selling out in 90 minutes and raising over $2,000 with 105 gift cards.  This year we are hoping to double this and raise even more!  


How does it work?

  • pay $20 for a ticket

  • win a GC valued at a min of $25 (no way to lose here)

Some gift cards are values as high as $100--pay to play and WIN a little or a lot.


But… in order for this to work, we need ALL the Seycove Family of Schools parents to help donate. We need GIFT CARD DONATIONS!!! You don't even need to spend money for this donation!

  • Got a Gift Card that you just don't think you will use? Donate it!!

  • Better yet cash in some points on your Credit Card, your TELUS Bill or your grocery points


Are you a class rep and pressed for time? Instead of coordinating a basket donate a stack of Gift Cards!

-GIFT cards valued at $25 min and higher 



Please email or contact Jeanette Schisler directly.

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